If you are the resident of Europe and North America, then you need to get private proxies which will allow you to enjoy the luxury of no blockage of websites. This type of proxy will allow you to access any website from multiple cities and the subnets will be multiple. No government or any agency will be able to track you if you are looking to secure yourself from that.


Server Name Location CPU Cores / Freq Ram Disk Space Bandwidth Price Order
Su-27 Server EU/NA Intel Xeon E3-1225v2 4c / 4t
16 GB 2x2TB /3×120 GB SSD 250 Mbps Unlimited 50 USD Order Now
F-111 Server EU/NA Intel W3520 4c / 8t
16 GB 2 x 2 TB 250 Mbps Unlimited 58 USD Order Now
F-15 Server EU/NA Intel Xeon E3-1225v2 4c / 4t
32 GB 2x2TB /3×120 GB SSD 250 Mbps Unlimited 68 USD Order Now
XB-70 Server EU/NA Intel Xeon E3-1245v2 4c / 8t
32 GB 2x240GB SSD/2x2TB 250 Mbps Unlimited 72 USD Order Now
MiG-31 Server EU/NA Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 4c / 8t
16 GB/32 GB 2x2TB/2x240GB SSD 250 Mbps Unlimited 76 USD Order Now
X-2 Server EU/NA Intel I7-4790K 4c / 8t
32 GB 2x240GB SSD 250 Mbps Unlimited 80 USD Order Now
MiG-25 Server EU/NA Intel E3 1245v2 4 c/ 8 t 3.4 GHz 32 GB 2x240GB SSD/2x2TB 250 Mbps Unlimited 85 USD Order Now
YF-12 Server EU/NA Intel Xeon E5-1620 4 c/ 8 t 3.4 GHz 64 GB SoftRaid 2×2 TB 250 Mbps Unlimited 88 USD Order Now
SR-71 Server EU/NA Intel Xeon E5-1630v3 4c / 8t
32 GB SoftRaid 2x2TB 250 Mbps Unlimited 90 USD Order Now
X-15 Server EU/NA Intel Xeon E5-1630v3 4c / 8t
32 GB 2×480 GB SSD 250 Mbps Unlimited 95 USD Order now

Dedicated Servers` FEATURES

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Providing 99.9% uptime guarantee with excellent customer support.

Anti-DDoS protection

These Servers plans are included DDoS protection without any additional cost.

Control Panel

The simplest/The most simple control panel will be provided in the clientarea.

Backup Electricity

Ensuring you don't go down unless any major electricity accident occurs at DC

Unlimited Traffic

Unmetered Bandwidth with upto 1GB Internet Port and 250MB Guaranteed.

Free Rescue boot

Rescue boot is included in Dedicated Servers in clientarea.


Add the capable resources at anytime. If you require them.

Reinstall OS in just a few mins

You don't need make OS reinstallation request.. Reinstall OS in just a few mins.

Premium Support

We provide 24x7 customer support. Get your query answered shortly.


Can I upgrade hardware on my server?

No. All of our Dedicated Server are predefined and it is impossible to add any hardware to a server. The best solution is to buy another server with required hardware.

How long will it take for the delivery? Been more than a few hours.

The delivery time mentioned on our website is for information purposes only. If it says 2 hours, this means that the server has already been setup in our DC.
It may be possible that your order has been hold for identification purpose.
in case please email support@aheadhostllc.com

NEED HELP? Call our support 24/7 at (+1) 951-638-9461 or Live Chat