Ten Tips to a Better Web Design

Ten Tips to a BetNew trends are taking over the web which is why you can’t stick to the old ones forever. With the changes in technology you must upgrade your website’s design from time to time in order to make sure that the users enjoy their stay. If you leave you website in its current condition, your website is most likely to go out of date due to which it will become useless and you will get less traffic on it.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the top 10 ways which will help you get a better and more responsive web design for your website which will satisfy both the needs of your customers and you. Some of the tips for a better web design are;

Make sure your entire website is responsive

If you already have a website or are designing a new one then you need to make sure that it is fully responsive. People today have started using various smart devices to access the web which is why it is important that your websites come with responsive versions.

Simplify your navigation

You don’t want the visitors to get lost on your webpage because this will drive them away. Try to make the navigation process simple on the website so that the users can easily find their way through the various webpages.

Improve page speed

Visitors are most likely going to leave the website that takes longer to load which is why it is important that you work on speeding up the loading process of your website. You can use various tools that might help you out.

Make a clear Call to Action

Think from the user’s perspective. No one wants to go through the whole webpage to find what they are looking for thus make it easy for the user to identify the action button by using different colors, fonts and styles.

Make the most of social media

Your website acts as a center hub for all your online platforms which is why it is important you to add social media buttons and links to your website in order to enhance the user experience.

Use white space to create a visual hierarchy 

You must arrange your website in a way that the empty spaces (mostly white) show some kind of flow in the information. White spaces in between the lines and between images increase the comprehension of the reader by almost 20%.

Use visuals

It is always better to use visuals instead of using a text. A picture is worth a thousand words plus it is much easier for the reader to understand the image or the video as compared to text.

Use color theory to your advantage

Go with the color theory in order to enhance the look and feel of your website. choose a dominant color for the background and then complementary colors to go with it to display the other items on your website.

Custom illustrations can reinforce your brand

Every website has its own customized look. You can add customized illustrations like doodles to your website in order to make it look more appealing and eye catching in order to increase the time that the visitor spends on your website.

Use motion and animation with intent

You can use customize slideshows using various animations to highlight the important aspects of the business or the website as well.