How to submit your site to search engine?

There are quite a number of steps that you need to go through in order to make your site visible to the world. After you have successfully uploaded your website on the web and optimized it according to the SEO requirements the next step is to manually submit it to the search engines.

When you optimize your website for the search engines, you are inviting the web spiders to crawl through your website but sometimes that is not enough. Even though search engines automatically discover your websites on their own but this might take some time.

Why you need to manually submit your site to search engines?

So when website owners want to make sure that the search engines immediately recognize their website then they manually submit their sites to the search engines. There are certain cases when it is essential for the website owners to manually submit to the site to search engines.

  • If you have started a new website then it is better to manually submit it so that is it gets indexed sooner.
  • If you have updated a new page to your website then it is better to upload the new URL manually to the search engines instead of waiting for the next visit of the web crawlers which might takes weeks.
  • If some of your webpages never made it to the index of the search engines then you can submit those specific URLS to the search engines manually.

It is always better to you check the ‘crawl ability’ of your website or webpage before you manually submit to the search engines. This will help you figure out the hurdles that are preventing your site to appear in the search results of the search engines.  

How to Submit a Site to Google

If you wish to manually submit your website or a single webpage for index consideration on Google then you can simply follow the steps below.

  1. The first step is to go the Google Search Console homepage and choose the website that you wish you submit to the search engines. The step is to setup Google Search Console for you website or webpage.
  2. The next step is to go to the GSC Dashboard and then to the Crawl menu and select ‘fetch as Google’ from the menu.
  3. If you want to submit a specific webpage then place the URL in the space but if you wish to submit the homepage then leave the space blank.
  4. Go to the drop down menu and select Web and then ‘Fetch’ from the list.
  5. Once you have successfully completed the process you will get a success status. After that select the ‘submit to index’ button.
  6. Choose the URLS that you wish to submit and then click OK.

How to Submit a Site to Bing (and Yahoo)

Simply if you want to submit your site your Bing you can follow the steps below. Remember that once you submit the site to Bing it will automatically be submitted to Yahoo.

  1. Open the Submit Your Site to Bing form.
  2. Fill the form and type in the URLs that you wish to submit.
  3. Enter the Captcha text to verify the process and the click okay.