Choosing a domain name is a very crucial decision in digital marketing as it depicts a picture of your whole website, products and what are you offering for customers. So, here are some tips, one should consider while selecting a domain name.

It should not be difficult to type:

The name of the domain should be simple and easy. Its spelling should not be difficult. It should also be easily understandable by common people. Having easy name also makes it possible for people to search your website more effectively and quickly rather than having that word which is difficult to remember and there are more chances to make mistakes while typing it.

Easy to pronounce:

It should also be easy to read and pronounce that name because it will also make it easy for people to share it with their friends and other customers and it will also help in expanding your business and increase your customers.

Numbers and hyphens are not needed:

Name of the domain should only have letters from A to Z. Hyphens and numbers are usually added to make the name unique but they lead to typos by people and make it difficult for them to remember the name of your domain. They also make it less attractive.

It should be unique:

It should also be unique. You need to do a lot of research for finding a word which has not been used by others before. It should conduct the real purpose of your website and should be able to catch the attention of people as well. Its uniqueness will also play role in getting stick to the memory of people and will make it easy for them to remember it.

Keep it short :

It should not have a large number of letters and repetition of letters should also be avoided. Long names are difficult to remember and there is more probability of mistakes while typing them. Short names are easy to type and search as well.

Add keywords:

Try to use keywords in it. These keywords should depict the services which you are offering in your website. You should strive to find out and utilize those keywords which are mostly used by people when they are looking for the products and stuff which is available on your website.