Why you should go for reseller cloud hosting package

Reseller cloud hosting package is the best option to avail for online entrepreneurs. In it, you have to take services from one party and the use that space and services for themselves and also sell to the third parties. This is the way you can earn very easily and also get your business established and start earning easily.

Reseller cloud hosting is very cheap:

If you have a small amount of money and you want to start a business then it is one the best ideas. You buy services from the first party at a low price and then sell the same services to different other parties. In the start, these services were available at high prices but because of the competition, their prices are becoming low with time and you can easily get these services. So, doing this kind of business is very cost effective.

There is low maintenance:

You don’t need any server admin for maintaining the site. When you are using these services and selling them to the other parties, then you are just paying to the first party for using their services. You don’t have to get worried about maintaining these services or spend money on managing the proper functioning of the server. You can handle all this business online without the tension of taking care of its functioning.

You can earn a profit:

You buy space from the first party at low prices and then sell it to the third parties at different prices and earn profit out of it. The first party provides you with space, and then you advertise these services and space and gain your commission out of it and act as a market or the companies. The space you get can be further classified for being used as a hosting site for different companies, so you get different sources for earning regularly.

Security of the customers:

You do not have to get worried about taking care of the security of all of your customers. The main server is responsible for maintaining the privacy of all users. And if you transfer your reseller hosting service from one company to another, then you don’t have to change the private name server. All you have to change is the IP of the name server to the new service provider.

Customers have an advantage of migration:

If customers do not like the services and performance of one reseller cloud hosting package then they can migrate to the other reseller hosting package. The C panel servers have this feature of migrating the customers among the c panel servers. So, it gives an opportunity for migration to its users.

This can be an extra source of your income:

If someone is doing some job or business, then they can do reseller hosting as an extra source of business, where they only have to sell services to various companies, without getting involved into its server maintenance and chances of getting quick and greater return increase. You can also come up with other plans and can grow your business.

What you should know about cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is growing fast. Cloud hosting is providing companies with IT services, they demand by charging them in return. These include different type of IT services like storage of data and processing and make it easy for companies to manage their work related to computers.

Why use cloud hosting:

Previously all data was stored on the hardware of your computer. Now cloud hosting saves all data and gives companies access to resources where they not only can save their data but also manage them accordingly.

Cloud hosting is economical for companies:

Instead of handling and managing all data storage and processing, companies can avail cloud hosting services and get their work done by them. So, instead of spending their money and resources on building new data centers and hiring more employees for managing them companies are getting these jobs done by cloud hosting and it is saving them money.

Cloud hosting gets a load off of IT staff:

IT staff members usually spend most of their time in arranging and administrating date. When such tasks are being done by cloud hosting then IT staff members get more time for putting emphasis on the other aspect of their business and help in growing it rapidly.

Versions of cloud hosting:

There are two versions of cloud hosting. Both of them offer different services. One is SaaS, Software as a service. In it, they manage all of your applications and their data storage and are responsible for managing all of their tasks and you pay them on monthly basis. In the second one, infra structure as a service IaaS, they provide companies with resources but the companies have to run and manage all things by themselves.

It can show variations with your need of services:

As far as the IT needs of a company are concerned, there are times when there is a season of a workload and then there is a time when they don’t have much need of their services. In an online world, where most services are being done on the basis of the agreement, cloud hosting keeps pace with the demands of its customers and manages with their needs.

Companies can grow efficiently and quickly:

Instead of getting worried about their hard wares, software or updating them. Now companies not only save themselves finances but they also share their working responsibilities and can use same time, energy and investment in thinking and creating their business and they’re It related asks to get done more quickly.

Role Of geography in cloud hosting:

If companies are using the services of cloud hosting which is local and of the same country then their speed of work will be faster as compared to using the cloud hosting services which are not local. Also, the ownership of the data is also defined by the area cloud host is in. So it is better for companies to use local cloud hosting services for their applications and data management services.

Top 10 ways to market your web hosting business

After setting up a website, the next important task is to find out its web host. The marketing is the process, in which you spread awareness about your web hosting business, which directly impacts on the success or failure of your online work. If marketing is good, then there are more chances of your success in the world of online business.

Find out your potential customers:

The first step is to find out the type of people who can be your potential clients. You have to find out whether they are bloggers, small businesses or startups. After knowing your target audience, now you can work on finding ways of approaching your target audience in an effective way and quickly by following them effectively.

Optimization in the search engines:

Customers want to make their website visible in the search engines. For that, it is necessary for you to have good rankings in the search engines so that people can easily visit it. Forgetting a higher rank you have to work on finding appropriate keywords and you can also get services from different companies which can help you in maintaining good ranking constantly.

Marketing on social media:

You can do marketing of your online web hosting business on different social media. You have to create a profile of your work on different social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then keep updating those profiles about your work regularly and also try to increase your social circle groups on these social media.

Positive review of your clients:

You can also request all of your customers to write a review of your performance of web hosting. Make these reviews visible to all of the visitors. Their reviews about your online business will attract more people toward your web hosting.

Blogging about your work:

You can also start writing blogs about your business regularly. In these blogs, you can spread awareness about services you provide, about your performance, try to focus on the regular issues of the customers and how you are resolving these issues in the best way possible. These blogs can also get shared on social media and can increment your business.

Join and participate in different forums:

You can also be part of different web hosting forums and participate in their discussions. In these forms of web hosting, you can directly communicate with different people looking for web hosting services and offer them your services and spread awareness about your work. You can also provide the link of your web pages and they can visit them personally for further details.

Sponsor other quality websites:

Look for those websites which are of good quality, reputation and producing quality work. Offer these website owners sponsorship and try to work with them. Most of them do not have money for hosting, so it is easy to convince them. Having this website in your web hosting, will work for you like a drive and will attract more customers toward your web hosting.

Choosing the right web host makes or breaks an online business

Selecting the right web host plays an important role in developing your business. It acts as a foundation on which you construct your online business. And if it does not function correctly and efficiently then it can negatively affect your business and you face loss in your business and it can’t grow as much as you want it to. Take a look at how webs hosting is crucial for making up your business.

How type of hosting affects your business:

Shared hosting:

If u take the shared type of hosting then it gives you services which are also share with other users. So when there is more traffic of users on your website then it can get slow, which negatively impacts your customers. Secondly, when there is a high volume of orders by customers then it also fails to manage because it shares all these services to its other clients as well

Dedicated hosting:

In the dedicated type of hosting, services provided to you by your web hosting does not get shared by other clients and does not get slow in the time of the high demand. So having more dedicated services gives a positive impact on the growth of your online business.

What is the role of the customer’s security?

Security of customers plays a positive role in expanding and establishing your online business. When privacy and personal data of customers are not secured in a hosting web, then they would stop using your website. So, you have to choose a hosting web which assures customers of their personal safety and their credit card numbers cannot be misused.

Their support system is mandatory for business growth:

There is a high probability of ups and downs in online business.  Sometimes it is malfunctioning of the internet or sometimes some data gets missing or any issue with the record of the data. So, if you are not much aware of all these technologies then you are completely dependent on help center of your web host. If they do not have a 24/7 working help support system, then any technical issue can impede your professional growth.

It affects the ranking of your website:

The reputation and credibility of your host site affect the functioning of the website. The more reliable that host site is the higher ranking your website has. When you have high ranking then your website is more visible to search engines and more customers use it. This increments the growth of your business. So you have to try the find out the trustable host.

Role of cost-effectiveness and exchange of ideas:

Different web hosts provide the different price of the services they provide to their clients. You have to go through their entire package to find the one which does not only fulfill your needs but also saves your extra money. And authentic web hosts keep sharing new ideas and tips according to the current situation of your website, which aids you in building up your online business.

How to submit your site to search engine?

There are quite a number of steps that you need to go through in order to make your site visible to the world. After you have successfully uploaded your website on the web and optimized it according to the SEO requirements the next step is to manually submit it to the search engines.

When you optimize your website for the search engines, you are inviting the web spiders to crawl through your website but sometimes that is not enough. Even though search engines automatically discover your websites on their own but this might take some time.

Why you need to manually submit your site to search engines?

So when website owners want to make sure that the search engines immediately recognize their website then they manually submit their sites to the search engines. There are certain cases when it is essential for the website owners to manually submit to the site to search engines.

  • If you have started a new website then it is better to manually submit it so that is it gets indexed sooner.
  • If you have updated a new page to your website then it is better to upload the new URL manually to the search engines instead of waiting for the next visit of the web crawlers which might takes weeks.
  • If some of your webpages never made it to the index of the search engines then you can submit those specific URLS to the search engines manually.

It is always better to you check the ‘crawl ability’ of your website or webpage before you manually submit to the search engines. This will help you figure out the hurdles that are preventing your site to appear in the search results of the search engines.  

How to Submit a Site to Google

If you wish to manually submit your website or a single webpage for index consideration on Google then you can simply follow the steps below.

  1. The first step is to go the Google Search Console homepage and choose the website that you wish you submit to the search engines. The step is to setup Google Search Console for you website or webpage.
  2. The next step is to go to the GSC Dashboard and then to the Crawl menu and select ‘fetch as Google’ from the menu.
  3. If you want to submit a specific webpage then place the URL in the space but if you wish to submit the homepage then leave the space blank.
  4. Go to the drop down menu and select Web and then ‘Fetch’ from the list.
  5. Once you have successfully completed the process you will get a success status. After that select the ‘submit to index’ button.
  6. Choose the URLS that you wish to submit and then click OK.

How to Submit a Site to Bing (and Yahoo)

Simply if you want to submit your site your Bing you can follow the steps below. Remember that once you submit the site to Bing it will automatically be submitted to Yahoo.

  1. Open the Submit Your Site to Bing form.
  2. Fill the form and type in the URLs that you wish to submit.
  3. Enter the Captcha text to verify the process and the click okay.

Ten Tips to a Better Web Design

Ten Tips to a BetNew trends are taking over the web which is why you can’t stick to the old ones forever. With the changes in technology you must upgrade your website’s design from time to time in order to make sure that the users enjoy their stay. If you leave you website in its current condition, your website is most likely to go out of date due to which it will become useless and you will get less traffic on it.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the top 10 ways which will help you get a better and more responsive web design for your website which will satisfy both the needs of your customers and you. Some of the tips for a better web design are;

Make sure your entire website is responsive

If you already have a website or are designing a new one then you need to make sure that it is fully responsive. People today have started using various smart devices to access the web which is why it is important that your websites come with responsive versions.

Simplify your navigation

You don’t want the visitors to get lost on your webpage because this will drive them away. Try to make the navigation process simple on the website so that the users can easily find their way through the various webpages.

Improve page speed

Visitors are most likely going to leave the website that takes longer to load which is why it is important that you work on speeding up the loading process of your website. You can use various tools that might help you out.

Make a clear Call to Action

Think from the user’s perspective. No one wants to go through the whole webpage to find what they are looking for thus make it easy for the user to identify the action button by using different colors, fonts and styles.

Make the most of social media

Your website acts as a center hub for all your online platforms which is why it is important you to add social media buttons and links to your website in order to enhance the user experience.

Use white space to create a visual hierarchy 

You must arrange your website in a way that the empty spaces (mostly white) show some kind of flow in the information. White spaces in between the lines and between images increase the comprehension of the reader by almost 20%.

Use visuals

It is always better to use visuals instead of using a text. A picture is worth a thousand words plus it is much easier for the reader to understand the image or the video as compared to text.

Use color theory to your advantage

Go with the color theory in order to enhance the look and feel of your website. choose a dominant color for the background and then complementary colors to go with it to display the other items on your website.

Custom illustrations can reinforce your brand

Every website has its own customized look. You can add customized illustrations like doodles to your website in order to make it look more appealing and eye catching in order to increase the time that the visitor spends on your website.

Use motion and animation with intent

You can use customize slideshows using various animations to highlight the important aspects of the business or the website as well.

How to choose the best web host for your E-commerce to start up

How to choose the best web host for your E-commerce to start up

Selecting the proper and appropriate web host is mandatory for laying the foundation of a successful online business. Finding out the most reasonable host site not only helps you in enhancing your business effectively but also aids up in managing with the growing business. Following are the few guidelines you should keep in mind while finding out the appropriate host.

Figure out your business demands:

The first step is to enlist the service and requirements of your business. Every business type has its own demands and requirements. It will help you in finding out the host which matches up to your needs and demands.

Check the software of that host:

The software of that host site operates the way your business functions. If you are a beginner than a small software might be is sufficient for you, but if you want to operate your business on a big scale then a host site with a big software is needed which can spread and operate your system on a big level.

Reputation and reliability of that host provider service:

Make sure from their team that they remain available 24/7. Because in the start they usually do a lot of agreements which don’t get fulfilled late on, so also make sure about their help services. Their duration of exposure with this hosting service also matters. The older and experienced the site is, the more trust you can do in their performing capabilities and services.

A performance with a load of visitors:

You should find out specifically about the performance of that host site at the time of more traffic. Because usually when more people open one site, then it takes more resources and gives bad impact to the other neighbor sites which are also resourcing from the same service provider.

The performance with the customer orders:

When there is high demand of customers for products then managing all these orders and giving response accordingly is a challenging task. So make sure that your selected host is able to manage such situations. You should get knowledge about their dedicated and shared resources. When the resources are dedicated it easy to manage such a situation.

Should ensure the security of buyers:

Customers share their personal information and credit card numbers while buying online. So you should also make sure that your hosting site has all basic security protocol which is legally important for securing the rights and information of the potential buyers. It also increments the trust of customers in your site.

Look for the review of other users: Find out the review of the old clients of the site. Check their reviews about the functioning and programming of the site. Also, find out the reliability of those reviews and make sure that they are real. You may also contact these clients personally and inquire about the performance of the host site. If the public review of any site is not available then do not use that site, because not having reviews also shows the low level of services.


Choosing a domain name is a very crucial decision in digital marketing as it depicts a picture of your whole website, products and what are you offering for customers. So, here are some tips, one should consider while selecting a domain name.

It should not be difficult to type:

The name of the domain should be simple and easy. Its spelling should not be difficult. It should also be easily understandable by common people. Having easy name also makes it possible for people to search your website more effectively and quickly rather than having that word which is difficult to remember and there are more chances to make mistakes while typing it.

Easy to pronounce:

It should also be easy to read and pronounce that name because it will also make it easy for people to share it with their friends and other customers and it will also help in expanding your business and increase your customers.

Numbers and hyphens are not needed:

Name of the domain should only have letters from A to Z. Hyphens and numbers are usually added to make the name unique but they lead to typos by people and make it difficult for them to remember the name of your domain. They also make it less attractive.

It should be unique:

It should also be unique. You need to do a lot of research for finding a word which has not been used by others before. It should conduct the real purpose of your website and should be able to catch the attention of people as well. Its uniqueness will also play role in getting stick to the memory of people and will make it easy for them to remember it.

Keep it short :

It should not have a large number of letters and repetition of letters should also be avoided. Long names are difficult to remember and there is more probability of mistakes while typing them. Short names are easy to type and search as well.

Add keywords:

Try to use keywords in it. These keywords should depict the services which you are offering in your website. You should strive to find out and utilize those keywords which are mostly used by people when they are looking for the products and stuff which is available on your website.

Making money with expired domains

Making money with expired domains:

Every registered domain has some period of its registration and after this period it gets expired and you have to renew its registration and buy it again. You can follow domains online and get an idea that which domain is about to expire and which one has expired. Buying expired domains and making money out of them is a common practice in the online business. Here are the few ways through which you can make money after buying expired domains.

You can get more visitors to your website:

If you have an already existing website then try to buy an expired domain which has a good ranking and a large number of visitors and also related to your current business and website.You can transfer that domain name to your concerned website. So whenever that domain name is going to be typed, that visitor will automatically be redirected to your website and it can lead to an increase in your business productivity.

You can earn a profit by selling it:

The domain with a good reputation and a large number of traffic is always in demand in the online market. Once you buy this expired domain timely, now you can again sell it to other customers and can earn high profit out of it. And sometimes you sell it to its previous owner and earn a lot of money through this process.

Use this domain name for your new website:

You can use this expired domain name for your new website. For this, the domain name should be related to your business. You have to invest in your business and update your work, this previous background of these customers and visitors will help you in expanding your business and putting it on right track.

Be careful while purchasing expired domain name:         

While looking for expired domain names, you have to be careful about the reputation of that domain name. If that name has been labeled as spasm and hacked or blocked by Google, then it will cost you financial loss. Also be careful while checking the link of the domain and prefer domain name with a strong link.

Earn by parking your domain:

After buying an expired domain name with traffic, one way of making money is to put your name in the site of the big parking company. After putting it there you have to change the server into the parking company site. By this way anyone who would visit that domain on that parking company, you will get paid for that. And customers can also get to know that this domain name is available for sale.

Contact potential buyers:

You also have to do some marketing of your domain name. You have to inform people that you have this domain name and it is available for sale. You should contact concerned companies and email them about the deal you are offering. Wait for the appropriate time when you are getting good price and customers for your domain and then sell it.

Does color matter in hosting?

Does color matter in hosting?

Colors play an important role in web design. The color of websites impacts the mood of people and can increase or decrease the number of visitors on any website. You need to be careful while selecting the color choices for your website as it can cause influence on the success of your online website.

It can cause a positive impact on visitors:

Colors cause an effect on human mood and emotion. People can connect with colors, it can make them happy, nostalgic or depressed, so in other words, colors give you an opportunity to influence their emotions positively and use them in your own benefit.

Effect of different colors:

Every color has a different impact. White refers to peace, yellows make the friendly connection and green is related to nature etc. Bright colors give a positive impact on the emotions and dark colors effect otherwise. The more pleasant outlook of your website is, the more it will catch the attention of its visitors.

It keeps your visitors involved:

When someone is visiting your website, then he is not only putting the focus on the content of your website but the background colors also play role in making them more involved with the website.

How it keeps them focused:

Correct choices of colors in the template, use of bright colors for putting the focus on important headings and adopting the background colors according to the type of business and products increase the stay of customers on your website. It also enhances the success rate of your online work.

Color choices also depend on your target audience:

Choices of colors for your website also depends on the type of target audience you want to attract toward your site. You have to figure out what does your audience include both genders or only one of them and what age group u want to attract toward your site. If your target population is of teenage then color choices will be funkier and if it is of old age group then you will be more inclined toward dull or smooth colors.