Web hosting services and their classifications

Web hosting service is just like internet hosting that help different individuals and companies to promote their business worldwide through World Wide Web (WWW). Web hosts are actually companies that allot space on a server owned or hired to be used by clients and also provide internet connectivity in the Data Centre. These web hostsalsoprovideconnectivity with the internet t other servers and allot data centre space located in the data centre called collocation which is also known as Housing in Latin America or France.


Until 1991, the internet was cramped to useonly for FTP, telnet, email, USENET traffic and for searching education based sciences and engineering- shortly only a mini number of web pages. The World Wide Web protocols had only been just noted. There would be a graphical web browser for windows, Mac and computers until the end of 1993. The situation was still confused even after the opening up of internet access until 1995.

To host the web on internet, the requirements for the individual and companies was to have their own computer or server. As not all the companies had the budget to afford it so the web hosting service started to offer to host user’s web on their own servers with the client need to own its own assets to operate the web. Website owner can create his own website which will  be run on the web by the web hosting as well as hosted on server by the web hosting service.

As the quantity of the users grew on the World Wide Web, the presence of both, small and large companies to be online grew. Famous companies such as Angelfire, tripod and GeoCities started offering free web hosting by the end of 1995.


Large hosting services

For sending emails, files, etc, to other sites, large companies which are not internet service providers need to perpetual connected with the web. They should use a computer as a web host to give the details of their products and facilities.

Smaller Hosting Services

For the uploading of a file through FTP (File Transfer protocol) or any web interface, the most fundamental is a web page or a small scale file hosting. This service is provided free by many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to their subscribers. Or this web page hosting can be obtained from alternative service providers by individuals as well as companies.

 Many companies offer free hosting but with limited services, sometimes it may be supported by advertisements and when they compared with paid hosting their time period is limited.

For personal web pages the use of single web page is sufficient as its hosting is typically free sponsored advertisements and inexpensive. Whereasbusiness website hosting is far expensive than single web page hosting. Business web hosting expenses depend upon the type and size of the website.